Episode #162: “Oh Baby” | Baby Boom (1987)

J.C. Wiatt can’t have a baby because she’s got a 12:30 lunch meeting. Or at least, that’s what she thought before a relative died and left her with a toddler to raise in the midst of her busy corporate life. Baby Boom stars Diane Keaton, Harold Ramis, and Sam Shepard.

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Episode #161: “All in the Family” | The Secret of My Success (1987)

We came to a startling realization that Michael J. Fox features in more than one role where a relative wants to give new meaning to the term “family get-together.” Regardless, the secret of The Secret of My Success is that it’s a fun, lighthearted take on big business in the 80s.

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Episode #160: “Greed… is Good” | Wall Street (1987)

Gordon Gekko (which I always thought would be a great name for the Geico gecko) is a ruthless Wall Street player who makes multi-million dollar deals before most of us have had breakfast. Bud Fox is a young and restless stock broker looking to score a big client. When he finally gets his foot in the door of Gekko’s office, it may have been more than he bargained for.

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