We are a group of friends who love watching and talking about movies. Having grown up in the 80s, we were privileged to have some of the greatest movies of all time released during our childhoods. We take one movie each week from 30 years ago and talk about whether it stands the test of time, or whether it’s better left behind!

If you don’t see one of your favorite movies from 1989 on this list (or if we haven’t covered it yet on the podcast), use the link above to Suggest A Movie that you think we should watch and discuss. All of the episode numbers and the order of the movies below could change at any time… this is a tentative schedule for the next few months.

JUNE: “Sex, Drugs and Road House”

#246 — sex, lies, and videotape

#247 — Drugstore Cowboy

#248 — Tango & Cash

#249 — Road House

#250 — Top Five 80s Cartoons

JULY: “Family”

#251 — Uncle Buck

#252 — Born on the 4th of July

#253 — Look Who’s Talking

#254 — Parenthood

#255 — The Fabulous Baker Boys

#256 — Summer Blockbuster Round-Up

AUGUST: “Life & Death”

#257 — Steel Magnolias

#258 — Ghostbusters II

#259 — Weekend At Bernie’s

#260 — Always


#261 — All Dogs Go To Heaven

#262 — The Little Mermaid

#263 — Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

#264 — Little Monsters

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