Episode #131: “Rise of the Top Gun Apes” | Project X (1987)

Cohost Jeff returns after a long hiatus to direct a middle school production of Beauty and the Beast, we talk about why Will Smith would make a horrible Genie, how Suicide Squad isn’t horrible but lacks good, pirates stealing Pirates, Powers Boothe passing, apes flying planes, and whether or not James Horner steals his own music. All that and we may have created our own band.

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Episode #128: “Dwaynes, Planes & Cosmic Keys” | Masters of the Universe (1987)

John went to C2E2 in Chicago this last weekend and ended up on the WGN Evening News. We geek out over old-school He-Man cartoons, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, and we open up a dimensional gateway to Eternia so we can talk about Masters of the Universe. And we have the best fantasy-cast for a He-Man reboot ever. We hope you enjoy… and “All Hail, King Lubic!”

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Episode #106: “Boom, Shake Shake the Room” | The Manhattan Project (1986)

Paul Stephens is a brilliant high school student who decides to build an atomic bomb in order to teach a lesson to weapons researcher Dr. John Mathewson, who has hidden his top secret lab in the middle of Ithaca, New York. Paul takes his show on the road to the National Science Fair, but is nearly intercepted by the military. Can Paul unmask the secret government facility in time, or will it blow up in his face?

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