Episode #301: “It’s A Good Day to Live” | Flatliners (1990)

Let’s say you want to become the best doctor possible. Then let’s say you decide the best way to do that is to kill yourself and have your friends revive you a few minutes later. Let’s just say most of us don’t ever want you as our general practitioner.

Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, and Julia Roberts star in Flatliners.

This kicks off our “Experiments Gone Wrong” month, which includes: Flatliners, Total Recall, Awakenings, and Darkman.

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Episode #299: “This Movie is A Plate of Nachos” | Arachnophobia (1990)

A poisonous spider from Venezuela hitchhikes to California in a dead man’s coffin where she hopes to make it big in America. Dr. Ross Jennings enlists the help of the authorities and everyone’s favorite fighting exterminator, Delbert McClintock, to fight the eight-legged menace once people begin dying.

Jeff Daniels and John Goodman star in Arachnophobia.

This concludes our “Comedy” month, which included: Joe Versus the Volcano, My Blue Heaven, and Another 48 Hrs.

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