Episode #297: “You Could Melt All This Stuff” | My Blue Heaven (1990)

Vinnie Antonelli has entered the witness protection program is relocated to a small suburban town by his FBI handler, Barney Coopersmith. Vinnie, however, is not exactly well suited to keeping a low profile.

Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, and Joan Cusack star in My Blue Heaven.

This continues our “Comedy” month, which includes: Joe Versus the Volcano, My Blue Heaven, Another 48 Hrs, and Arachnophobia.

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Episode #254: “Electrical Ear Cleaner” | SD Comic Con Trailers & Parenthood (1989)

We start off with John and Jeff discussing the plethora of trailers and announcements to come out of San Diego Comic Con last week. Then we shift gears with John and Pat to talk about the Steve Martin movie Parenthood and how it has a little something for everyone.

As we mention on this episode, we are currently a BONUS podcast on the Podcoin app, meaning that if you listen to us through the app, you’ll be awarded more coins that usual for listening to a featured show. Use the promo code: 30Something when you sign up to get a bonus 300 coins as well!


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Episode #50: “Our Most In-Famous Episode” | ¡Three Amigos! (1986)

We’ve reached our milestone 50th episode… and our gift to you is ¡Three Amigos! Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be podcasting! But does that mean we’re easing the suffering or causing it? Would you go so far as to say we have a plethora?

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