Episode #200: Guilty Pleasure Movies

For our 200th episode, we delve into our favorite guilty pleasure movies of the 80s and beyond. Thank you to all of our listeners and followers who have been with us at any point along this ride to the 200th. Here’s to 200+ more!

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Guilty Pleasure Movies of the 80s and Beyond

Comfort Movies of the 80s and Beyond

Midnight Movies

Juvenile Guilty Pleasure Movies


Episode #195: “Say It Ain’t So” | Eight Men Out (1988)

“Say it ain’t so, Joe!” When eight players from the Chicago White Sox were found guilty of having thrown the World Series, the baseball world was in an uproar. We’re not in an uproar here, but we talk a little baseball and a little sports scandals in general. Join us for John Sayles’ Eight Men Out.

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Episode #194: “The Ghost With the Most” | Everybody’s All-American (1988)

Gavin is everybody’s All-American. Then he enters the NFL draft and begins his career for the struggling Redskins. He quickly discovers that even the strongest love for the game won’t translate into success. It’s Dennis Quaid, Jessica Lange, Timothy Hutton and John Goodman in Everybody’s All-American.

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Episode #173: “Crash Tess Dummies” | Bull Durham & Working Girl (1988)

I believe strikeouts are fascist. I believe she’s got a mind for business and a bod for sin. I believe Solo will be fun, but Cloverfield Paradox was bad. I believe in three guys talking movies from the 80s in a podcast that lasts for a couple of hours. I believe we’re talking about Bull Durham and Working Girl.

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