Episode #295: “I didn’t hear no bell” | Rocky V (1990)

After winning the fight of his life against Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa returns home a broken man. Swindled out of his fortune, he and his family have to return to their humble roots. Rocky decides to train a young boxer but soon finds himself blinded to what’s happening to those most important to him.

Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young and Tommy Morrison star in Rocky V.

This concludes our “Action & Adventure” month, which includes: Dances With Wolves, The Hunt for Red October, Navy SEALS, and Rocky V.

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Episode #229: “Nobody carries the dog boy” | The Blood of Heroes (1989)

This one’s a little more obscure than we’ve done in a while, but it’s a post-apocalyptic sports movie starring Rutger Hauer, so how could we pass it up?! Not only that, but they’ve actually turned this into a real sport that people play today. You might know this as Salute of the Jugger, but we know it as The Blood of Heroes.

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Episode #225: “People Will Come” | Field of Dreams (1989)

Is this heaven? No! Your favorite movie podcast is back to talk about a movie that makes every one of us tear up every. single. time. we. watch. it. It’s the movie about following your dreams and building a baseball diamond in your cornfield, which we can all relate to… it’s Field of Dreams!

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