Episode #278: “A dare to be great situation” | Say Anything (1989)

Welcome to our final entry for 1989… and our final 80s movie of the 30Something Movie Podcast! It’s bittersweet ending to the decade we love so much, but in many ways this is the perfect movie to end it with. As we have moved from the teen movies of the 80s and are “graduating” to the 90s, this movie feels like an 80s teen movie that’s “growing up.”

John Cusack, Ione Skye and John Mahoney star in Say Anything.



Episode #260: “A Ghost prequel… But with planes and no pottery” | Always (1989)

Always came out before Ghost, but so many people have never heard of it much less seen it. But see it you should… in some ways it has more heart than the more popular movie that came out a year later.

Just ignore the fact that I might have accidentally said that Ted Danson was in Ghost somewhere in this episode. It’s still Patrick Swayze. I blame too much work and sleep deprivation.

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Episode #203: “Dangerous Tourists” | The Accidental Tourist & Dangerous Liaisons

It was either going to be called “Dangerous Tourists” or “Accidental Liaisons.” Either way, it seemed to work. This week we travel from the mundane day-to-day of a grief-stricken travel writer all the way to the vicious manipulations of the French court in the 18th century. Did we fall in love with these quirky movies or did heads roll?

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