Episode #303: “The Wonderment of Life” | Awakenings (1990)

Dr. Malcolm Sayer is not what you’d call a people person. Mostly because he’s not very good around people. His biggest problem is that he’s just been hired to treat patients in a psych ward at a Bronx hospital. He soon makes a connection with his catatonic patients and begins to realize that they may be more “awake” than anyone realizes.

Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, John Heard, and Julie Kavner star in Awakenings.

Jason Colvin and Dee Graves of the Surely You Can’t Be Serious Podcast are with us again this week to re-examine one of Robin Williams’ early dramatic roles. Check them out and subscribe to their show!

This continues our “Experiments Gone Wrong” month, which includes: Flatliners, Total Recall, Awakenings, and Darkman.

Episode #291: “How many girls you got?!” | Cadillac Man (1990)

Joey O’Brien has to sell 12 cars in 24 hours to save his job, but he’s also got to contend with an ex-wife, a missing daughter, a girlfriend, another girlfriend who’s married, and he owes money to the mob. The brightest point of his day is that he’s just been taken hostage.

Robin Williams and Tim Robbins star in Cadillac Man.

This concludes our “Planes and Trains” month, which included: Air America, Memphis Belle, Days of Thunder, and Cadillac Man.

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