Episode #165: “At Least Nobody Was Hurt” | Ernest Goes To Camp (1987)

In a movie that’s campy in more ways than one, Ernest P. Worrell tries to help a group of misfit boys turn their lives around and save Camp Kikakee from the evil developer Sherman Krader who just wants the land so he can tear it up and mine it. With a little help from the boys, some turtles, and the secret recipe for eggs erroneous, Ernest might just save the day.

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Episode #112: “It’s Not Us… It’s Roy” | Overboard (1987)

Joanna is a wealthy woman who lives aboard her yacht with her husband Grant. When she wants some work done on the boat, she hires carpenter Dean Proffitt. After an argument, she refuses to pay him. Later when she falls overboard and suffers amnesia from a bump on the head, Dean tricks her into coming back home with him and pretends she is the mother of his four children.

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Episode #57: “Compliance.” | Flight of the Navigator (1986)

We apologize that it’s been 8 years since our last episode. We know we have a lot to catch up on, what with it now being 2024 and we can’t explain where we’ve been for all this time. The best we can do is talk about movies… and what better movie from the Time Dilation genre than Flight of the Navigator? Sit down, Navigator. Enjoy!

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