Episode #183: “Video Killed The Grocery Store” | Return of the Killer Tomatoes & Tapeheads (1988)

April is our month of movies that are just weird or different enough not to fit into some of the other themes we had assigned to each month. So… we end the month with one of the weirdest of 1988: Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Once we move pasta that one, we take a look at Tapeheads, which didn’t seem to know exactly what it wanted to be… much like the main characters. Finally, we go off on a bit of a tangent related to MTV, music video channels, and how Pat grew up without cable and still turned out okay.

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Episode #168: “Best of ’87 & ’17”

As our voyage through the movies of 1987 comes to a close, John waxes nostalgic on his favorites from this last year — both from 1987 and the new releases of 2017. If you’ve enjoyed the podcast this year, buckle up, because once this baby hits ’88…


Episode #151: Favorite Movie Music of All Time – Part Deux!

Pat, Jeff and John decided to put each other through the torment of having to narrow down their favorite movie composers, scores, individual songs, etc. to a series of “top 5” lists. Here’s part 2!

(And feel free to weigh in on the Blues Brothers is/isn’t a musical debate!)

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