Episode #294: “You never saw us. This never happened.” | Navy SEALs (1990)

A battle-hardened SEAL Team sets off on a mission to destroy a shipment of US-built Stinger missiles that have fallen into terrorist hands.

Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, and Joanne Whalley star in Navy SEALs.

This continues our “Action & Adventure” month, which includes: Dances With Wolves, The Hunt for Red October, Navy SEALS, and Rocky V.

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Episode #279: “Another basement, another elevator” | Die Hard 2 (1990)

You might ask yourself how the same crap can happen to the same guy twice… if so, you and John McClane are pretty much on the same page. Welcome to the 90s and we start the year off with a bang… a really big cargo plane-sized bang.

Bruce Willis, William Sadler and Bonnie Bedelia star in Die Hard 2: Die Harder.

This begins our “Revenge of the Sequel” or “Who Does #2 Work For?!” month, which will include: Die Hard 2, Gremlins 2, Robocop 2, Young Guns 2, and Predator 2.

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