Episode #117: “I didn’t expect it to be BIG!” | Roxanne (1987)

Take Toucan Sam — that lovable cereal box version of Cyrano de Bergerac — and make him a lovestruck human in charge of the most inept fire brigade ever. Throw in a love triangle, a bunch of nasal puns, and dueling with tennis rackets… follow your nose and you’ve got Roxanne!

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Episode #42: “Chips, Dips, Chains, Whips… and Movies!” | Weird Science (1985)

Things get WEIRD. They also get science-y. Did this movie fulfill our greatest desires for a teen fantasy/wish fulfillment story? I guess you little maniacs will have to listen and find out. Oh… and we also talk about that little movie called The Force Awakens, which comes out later today. Buckle up.

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