Episode #257: “Suck in the guts, guys” | Ghostbusters II (1989)

Read people’s reactions to Ghostbusters II on the internet and you might wonder if you watched the same movie. It doesn’t get a lot of love from the online community, but maybe everyone just misses their kittens. Either way, the joyfulness is just beginning as Pat and John dive into the river of slime.

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Episode #250: “Top Five 80s Cartoons”

As part of our 250th episode extravaganza, Jeff took the reins of this one and had us duke it out over our Top Five Favorite 80s Cartoons. Why are the theme songs so long? How does Pepé Le Pew hold up in the #MeToo era? Why is co-host Dennis so old? What the heck is Bananaman?! All of these questions and more!