Episode #191: “Good Morning, My Neighbors!” | Coming to America (1988)

Sometimes our podcast gets confused with ones that talk about the 80s TV series “thirtysomething,” but see, we’ve got this little misunderstanding. That’s “thirtysomething” and we’re “30something.” They talk about a TV show… we talk about movies you probably watched on TV.

And our buns have no seeds.

Coming to America.

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Episode #77: “My Dear, Sweet Brother Numsie!” | The Golden Child (1986)

It’s not the real thing, it’s just a fantasy… and that’s how we start off this month of fantasy movies! Eddie Murphy at the height of his career takes on the good and evil of Eastern mysticism in The Golden Child, which may be (unfairly?) compared to Big Trouble in Little China because they came out the same year and because we’re reviewing Big Trouble next week!

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Episode #24: “This is the Report We’re Filing” | Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Did you know that by the time the average American is fifty, they have five hours of unlistened-to podcasts on their computer or mobile device? Don’t let this be one of those. Join us for Beverly Hills Cop!

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