Episode #238: “Carpe Diem” | Dead Poets Society (1989)

As the powerful play of great motion pictures goes on, this Robin Williams masterpiece certainly contributes its part.

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Episode #235: “Looks Can Be Deceiving” | My Left Foot (1989)

Christy Brown was born in Ireland in 1932 with cerebral palsy. At the time, a child born differently-abled was likely to be placed in a home and forgotten. Instead, with the help of his mother who always believed in him, he became a renowned painter and writer. MY LEFT FOOT starring Daniel Day Lewis.

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Episode #232: “Give ’em Hell, 54!” | Glory (1989)

When Col. Robert Gould Shaw took command of the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, he likely had no idea how much the men under his command would contribute to the war and to the history of the United States. GLORY tells the story of the forming of this regiment and the struggles they faced as one of the few African American regiments at that point in the Civil War.

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