Episode #261: “Goodbye, Charlie” | All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)

Whether you’ve owned a dog or not, you can’t really argue with the title of this one. But does the sentiment match up with the movie itself? Does the Don Bluth magic from Secret of NIMH, Land Before Time, and An American Tail hold up? Join John, Bo, and Pat as we journey to heaven, hell, and New Orleans in the children’s classic All Dogs Go To Heaven starring Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and Judith Barsi.

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Episode #171: “Prehistoric Savoir Faire” | The Land Before Time / Oliver & Company (1988)

Join us on a journey through all of the feels as we jump even further back from 1988 into prehistoric times with the children’s classic The Land Before Time… then forward again to New York’s Fifth Avenue for the Disney animated remake of Oliver Twist: Oliver and Company!

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