Episode #186: “The crime is organized; the police is not” | Red Heat (1988)

When East Meets West, the Champion remains standing… oops, sorry. That’s Rocky IV. This time around, it’s less about boxing and more about bridging the cultural and political divide to track down one of the Soviet Union’s most dangerous criminals who is loose on the streets of Chicago. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi star in RED HEAT.

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Episode #184: “We’re in the endgame now” | Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

After 10 years of build-up, Thanos has finally arrived. Avengers: Infinity War is one of the most anticipated movies of all time and it didn’t disappoint. This episode I’m joined by the Peter Parker to my Tony Stark as my son John gives his two cents on what it was like to experience the twists and turns of Infinity War.

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Episode #183: “Video Killed The Grocery Store” | Return of the Killer Tomatoes & Tapeheads (1988)

April is our month of movies that are just weird or different enough not to fit into some of the other themes we had assigned to each month. So… we end the month with one of the weirdest of 1988: Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Once we move pasta that one, we take a look at Tapeheads, which didn’t seem to know exactly what it wanted to be… much like the main characters. Finally, we go off on a bit of a tangent related to MTV, music video channels, and how Pat grew up without cable and still turned out okay.

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