Episode #286: “And Wicked On Top” | Wild At Heart (1990)

Have you ever thought: I’d really love to view a Romeo and Juliet/Bonnie and Clyde kind of story through the macabre lens of a David Lynch love story that features Nic Cage, Laura Dern, and Willem Dafoe? If so, you may really enjoy Wild At Heart. If not… well, listen on and you’ll be in good company.

Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, Dianne Ladd, Willem Dafoe and Harry Dean Stanton star in Wild At Heart.

This continues our “Love is in the Air” month, which will include: Pretty Woman, Ghost, Wild at Heart, and Mermaids.

The Episode:

**I’m removing timestamps for now… the last few times I’ve included them, once the file is uploaded, the times do not seem to match up correctly. Looking into it and apologies if you typically rely on them!** 


Wild At Heart background info/trailer

Wild At Heart discussion

3 Questions



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