Episode #281: “I’m having… Trouble.” | RoboCop 2 (1990)

Jesus… had days like this. Okay, not really. But that’s just one of the many moments that make RoboCop 2 what it is. And we’re not sure what that is. We just know it is. And maybe it didn’t need to be.

Peter Weller and Tom Noonan star in RoboCop 2.

This continues our “Revenge of the Sequel” or “Who Does #2 Work For?!” month, which will include: Die Hard 2, Gremlins 2, RoboCop 2, Young Guns 2, and Predator 2.



The Episode:

Intro/News [0:00]

RoboCop 2 background info/trailer [5:26]

RoboCop 2 discussion [11:00]

3 Questions [48:02]



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