Episode #265: “Along came the Hobyahs” | Celia (1989)

It’s got a creepy soundtrack, fleshy blue monsters, a rabbit infestation, and Australian socialists… but this is not your typical horror movie. Originally intended as a complex sociopolitical drama about what the adult world does to the mind of a child, American markets rebranded this film as a horror. So if you watch Celia (or in America: Celia – Child of Terror) be forewarned that you’re heading into a more psychological path than an Omen or Exorcist-style fright fest.


Intro / Spoiler Alert [0:00]

This Week in ’89 [2:30]

The Movie:

Celia info/trailer [4:06]

Celia discussion [8:24]

Five Questions [38:55]

Wrap-Up [57:18]




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