Episode #266: “All I Have Are Negative Thoughts” | Joker (2019)

Arthur Fleck has only ever wanted to bring joy and laughter to the world. Instead the world has brought him nothing but pain and ridicule. Everyone has their breaking point and in this film, you’ll find out what Arthur Fleck’s is. Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, and Robert De Niro star in JOKER.

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Episode #265: “Along came the Hobyahs” | Celia (1989)

It’s got a creepy soundtrack, fleshy blue monsters, a rabbit infestation, and Australian socialists… but this is not your typical horror movie. Originally intended as a complex sociopolitical drama about what the adult world does to the mind of a child, American markets rebranded this film as a horror. So if you watch Celia (or in America: Celia – Child of Terror) be forewarned that you’re heading into a more psychological path than an Omen or Exorcist-style fright fest.

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Episode #264: “Thought it would be good, but it’s snot” | Little Monsters (1989)

Brian’s family just moved to a new town, he started at a new school, his mom and dad are constantly arguing… every day life just isn’t working right now. But what about every NIGHT? Brian captures and befriends Maurice, a Beetlejuice-wannabe who shows him the ins and outs of the monster world in LITTLE MONSTERS (starring Fred Savage and Howie Mandel).

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