Episode #254: “Electrical Ear Cleaner” | SD Comic Con Trailers & Parenthood (1989)

We start off with John and Jeff discussing the plethora of trailers and announcements to come out of San Diego Comic Con last week. Then we shift gears with John and Pat to talk about the Steve Martin movie Parenthood and how it has a little something for everyone.

As we mention on this episode, we are currently a BONUS podcast on the Podcoin app, meaning that if you listen to us through the app, you’ll be awarded more coins that usual for listening to a featured show. Use the promo code: 30Something when you sign up to get a bonus 300 coins as well!


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Episode #253: “Put Me Back In!” | Look Who’s Talking (1989)

Last week we brought you the horrors of war and the struggle of returning to a world you no longer belong in… this week, it’s childbirth. Mollie didn’t plan to get pregnant by one of her wealthy clients, but she is and she’s keeping the baby. When it turns out that the baby daddy is more of a sugar daddy, she’s left all alone until one fateful cab ride to the hospital. Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis star in Look Who’s Talking.

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Episode #252: “I Love America” | Born On The Fourth of July (1989)

Oliver Stone started his Vietnam trilogy with a look at the horrors of warfare in Platoon, but in this second outing he brings us back home to experience life after hell. Born on the Fourth of July stars Tom Cruise, Willem Dafoe, and Kyra Sedgwick.

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Episode #251: “I’m your dad’s brother alright” | Uncle Buck (1989)

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood… who did you call? UNCLE BUCK! John Candy is everybody’s favorite (?) uncle in this John Hughes comedy. Welcome back guest host Jason Colvin, as well!

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