Episode #248: “Bad Cop… Worse Cop!” | Tango & Cash (1989)

Ray Tango is Armani with a badge. Gabe Cash is a little rough around the edges. When the two cops from separate jurisdictions have disrupted too much of a wealthy crime boss’s business, the east side will meet the west side of L.A. when they’re framed and sent to prison. Will they be able to get out alive, clear their names and take down the crooks? Do we really care as long as there’s enough shootouts and explosions? It’s Tango & Cash.


Intro/Spoiler Alert [0:00]

News [2:47]

  • The Batman casting
  • Djanjo / Zorro teamup movie announced

This Week in ’89 [8:00]

The Movie:

Tango & Cash info/trailer [9:04]

Tango & Cash discussion [16:20]

Five Questions [37:13]

Wrap-Up [1:06:30]



  1. I thought it was fun. As I mentioned in the episode, much of the story and the dialogue fell flat for me… But the action was the kind of 80s explosion-fest I usually love!


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