Episode #247: “We played a game you couldn’t win… to the utmost” | Drugstore Cowboy (1989)

**We try to be a family-friendly podcast, but the subject matter of this movie is not appropriate for children, so you may want to skip listening to this one in the car with family.**

This movie is about Bob. Bob’s a junkie. Bob’s wife is a junkie. Bob’s friends are junkies. And you can’t talk a junkie out of using… but there’s also nothing more life-affirming that getting the crap kicked out of you. Drugstore Cowboy is based on the real-life struggles of the writer, James Fogle.


Intro/Spoiler Alert [0:00]

News [2:59]

The Batman casting rumors

This Week in ’89 [4:13]

The Movie:

Drugstore Cowboy info/trailer [6:42]

Drugstore Cowboy discussion [10:40]

Five Questions [24:17]

Wrap-Up [37:55]


Drugstore Cowboy: Trailer Link

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