Episode #243: “It’s great to be young and insane” | The Dream Team (1989)

When a doctor hatches a plan to take four psychiatric patients to a Yankees game in the Big Apple, what could possibly go wrong? Billy has a history of compulsive lying and violence, Henry thinks he’s a doctor, Jack believes he is Jesus Christ returned, and Albert is a man of very few words. Together they’ll have to navigate New York City when their doctor is attacked and left comatose — and they’re blamed for it. THE DREAM TEAM starring Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, Stephen Furst, and Lorraine Bracco.


Intro/Spoiler Alert [0:00]

Our Top 10 Episodes of All Time [4:25]

This Week in ’89 [10:40]

The Movie:

The Dream Team info/trailer [12:34]

The Dream Team discussion [16:06]

Five Questions [42:06]

Wrap-Up [1:02:35]


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