Episode #227: “It’s So Bad” | The Wizard (1989)

I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad. And when it comes to The Wizard, we’ll leave it up to you to decide what camp you’re in. Is this movie “bad” in the 80s sense of the word — like the Power Glove? Or is this one of those that you really only loved as a kid but it doesn’t quite hold the same level of fascination when you’re older and video game competitions aren’t quite as exciting? You decide. Then find out what we decided when we watched The Wizard!


Intro [0:00]

News [2:32]

Bill & Ted 3, Blade reboot, Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers

This Week in ’89 [16:02]

The Movie:

The Wizard info/trailer [18:34]

The Wizard discussion [22:27]

5 Questions [51:04]

Wrap-up [1:31:36]

The Trailer(s):

Games Master TV show from the UK:


  1. I watch this one once in a while. It’s a good ‘kid’ movie.

    I’m still living in the 80s so (just about) any time period related movie would make my list… and this has arcade games too!


    • I agree… it’s a fun movie. My kids enjoyed it, even if everything was “retro” to them. It was definitely tough for us to narrow down our favorite games in our discussion. Did you have a favorite arcade game from the 80s?


      • … A favorite game from the 80s?
        Oh gee, there were too many. My top three were Dug Dug, Gorf, and Star Castle.
        It’s really sad for me to admit but I never did very well with Pacman – I just couldn’t learn the patterns. I even played it till my fingers bleed (haha) but to no avail.


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