Episode #224: “It’s Just Been Revoked” | Licence To Kill (1989)

007 seeks revenge on the South American drug lord who murdered one friend and fed another to a shark… but Bond doesn’t have the backing of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, so he’s on his own. To top it all off, his LICENCE TO KILL has “JUST BEEN REVOKED.” Most popular movie line of 1989? Maybe…

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Episode #223: “It’s Just Been Revoked” | Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

This time around Murtaugh and Riggs are up against white supremacist South African diplomats who just happen to have “DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITYYYY!!!” On top of that, they have to babysit Leo Getz, deal with the ramifications of Rianne’s first commercial gig, and somehow get Murtaugh off the toilet before it explodes! It’s LETHAL WEAPON 2.

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Episode #222: “JUNIOR!” | Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

What’s better than a father and son adventure movie that spans several continents and centuries? One that happens to be an Indiana Jones movie featuring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, and of course, plenty of Nazi stooges!

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