Episode #214: “Oh, Funny Face!” | The Naked Gun (1988)

It’s the same old story. Boy starts podcast, boy watches movies with friends, friends cohost with boy, podcast gets to 1988, 1988 sees the release of The Naked Gun, boy and friends podcast about The Naked Gun without dying in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day. I’d say that’s a good year.


Intro [0:00]

News: Are new movies “leaking” too many official photos too early? [2:17]

News: Willy Wonka prequel [4:55]

RIP Stan Lee [6:34]

This Week in ’88 [30:45]

The Movie:

The Naked Gun info/trailer [31:35]

The Naked Gun discussion [36:20]

5 Questions [53:35]

Wrap-up [59:30]

The Trailer:

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