Episode #203: “Dangerous Tourists” | The Accidental Tourist & Dangerous Liaisons

It was either going to be called “Dangerous Tourists” or “Accidental Liaisons.” Either way, it seemed to work. This week we travel from the mundane day-to-day of a grief-stricken travel writer all the way to the vicious manipulations of the French court in the 18th century. Did we fall in love with these quirky movies or did heads roll?


Intro [0:00]


Bond 25 director bows out [8:15]

Blade turns 20 [11:41]

Ewan McGregor open to doing Christopher Robin 2 [18:20]

Star Wars: Resistance [21:25]

Social Media Shout-outs! [24:27]

The Movies:

The Accidental Tourist background/trailer [28:13]

The Accidental Tourist discussion [38:08]

Dangerous Liaisons background/trailer [1:00:54]

Dangerous Liaisons discussion [1:10:08]

Wrap-up [1:32:58]

The Trailers:


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