Episode #181: 80 Years of Superman — Part 1

On April 18, 1938, the world was introduced to the first superhero. He looked like a circus strongman. He performed feats of strength and daring like Hercules or Tarzan. He defended the common man and stood up against evil and corruption. He was: Superman. Now 80 years later Superman has become an integral part of western culture and his influence can be seen across the world. In Part 1 of our homage to the Man of Steel, John talks the character of Superman and the evolution of Superman comics from 1938 to 2018.

I think most of the stories I listed as being my favorite Superman stories of all time ended up on this list as well, but here’s a collection of some of the best or most memorable Superman stories from the last 80 years:

The 75 Greatest Superman Stories of All Time


The Evolution of the Super-Suit

Whether it stands for an “S” or for “hope,” that bright symbol emblazoned Superman’s suit is one of the most readily identifiable symbols in the world. The suit hasn’t been without some changes here and there, though. I always find these collections of super-suits a fun recollection of how things have changed over time with regard to the Man of Steel’s wardrobe.

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