Episode #178: “You ARE Great” | Willow & Child’s Play (1988)

One of our movies this week is full of magic and wonder. Swords and sorcery. The other one is a bit more murder-y. We explore the adventurous world of Willow alongside the dark streets of Chicago being haunted by a possessed doll: Willow & Child’s Play.

New Movie News:

Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet [5:56]

Updates on new Matrix movie [14:03]


The Movies:

Background info & trailer for Willow [18:25]

Willow discussion [34:07]

Background info & trailer for Child’s Play [1:02:04]

Child’s Play discussion [1:06:58]

Wrap-up & Next Episodes [1:26:21]

The trailers:


    • When my own children are in the way and I need them to step aside, I often say, “Out of the way, peck!”

      They’ve seen the movie, so they know I’m not just being cruel.


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