Episode #176: “Big Twins” | Twins & Big (1988)

These movies are eerily similar. Danny DeVito feels like he’s looking into a mirror when he meets his twin brother Julius for the first time. Josh Baskin looks in the mirror and sees Tom Hanks. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Hanks end up with the goofy “I kissed a girl and I liked it” grins on their faces. Whether you’re big or small, we think you’ll enjoy our two movies on tap this week: Twins and Big.

New Movie News:

Christopher Robin trailer released [1:05]

90th Oscars [6:07]

Mary Poppins Returns trailer released [12:55]

Roseanne returns to television [15:32]

The Movies:

Background info & trailers for Twins and Big [22:58]

Twins discussion [31:39]

Big discussion [1:00:27]

Wrap-up & Next Episodes [1:43:39]

The trailers:


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