Episode #171: “Prehistoric Savoir Faire” | The Land Before Time / Oliver & Company (1988)

Join us on a journey through all of the feels as we jump even further back from 1988 into prehistoric times with the children’s classic The Land Before Time… then forward again to New York’s Fifth Avenue for the Disney animated remake of Oliver Twist: Oliver and Company!

Intro & Who Framed Roger Rabbit follow-up [0:00]

New Movie News:

Jurassic World Live [8:43]

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story [11:35]

Indiana Jones 5 coming in 2020 [17:20]

Oscar Nominations & Snubs [22:55]

Tom Hanks to play Mr. Rogers [26:35]

Cloverfield 3 moving to Netflix [28:53]

Ryan Reynolds in the Clue remake [29:40]

“Muppet Babies” is coming back [34:27]

Black Panther and Ant-Man & The Wasp [36:50]

The Movies:

Background info & trailers for The Land Before Time and Oliver & Company [39:25]

The Land Before Time discussion [48:38]

Oliver & Company discussion [1:25:00]

Wrap-up & Next Episodes [1:43:52]

The trailers:

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