Episode #153: “Nostalgia+Robots” | *batteries not included (1987)

When real estate developers strike and the Goonies aren’t around to save you, who can the residents of a dilapidated old apartment building/diner turn to…? The Fix-its, of course!

1. Intro [0:00]

2. Superman Extended Edition release [8:14]

3. Spaceballs: The Auction (and X-Files returns again) [22:27]

4. *batteries not included Background Info/Trailer [25:57]

5. *batteries not included Discussion  [31:53]

6. Wrap-up  [1:19:44]


The trailer:


  1. I just stumbled upon this conversation…nice to hear your appreciation. It was a joy to make and glad to see it still has legs. Thanks


    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I was happy to see that my kids got the same enjoyment out of “batteries not included” as I did many years ago… and we had a blast reminiscing about The Dream Team… another outstanding 80s movie you were a part of!
      On another note, I’ve always enjoyed seeing you throughout the years on Crocodile Dundee II, ER, Law & Order, etc. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!


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