Episode #149: “Spaceballs: The Podcast” | Spaceballs (1987)

Planet Spaceball is running out of air, but King Roland of Druidia has plenty of fresh air — and the Spaceballs want it. They kidnap Princess Vespa and will force Roland to give up the super secret unbreakable code to open the planetary shield… unless Lone Starr and his faithful Mog friend, Barf, can stop them!

1. Intro [0:00]

2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 35th Anniversary [11:01]

3. Spaceballs: The Background Info/trailer [18:13]

4. Spaceballs: The Trivia Game [33:35]

5. Spaceballs: The Discussion  [39:26]

6. Spaceballs: The Sequel?  [1:04:15]

7. Favorite Mel Brooks movie? [1:11:46]

6. Wrap-up [1:20:32]

The trailer:

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