Episode #139: “I Don’t Do Requests” | The Running Man (1987)

It’s 2017, the world economy has collapsed. Food, natural resources and oil are in short supply. A podcast, hosted by three guys who love 80s movies rules with an iron hand. Join us for our latest review and you could be the next contestant in the hottest game show around: The Running Man!

1. Intro [0:00]

2. Han Solo movie news [7:08]

3. Wonder Woman reviews [17:03]

4. The Running Man movie info/trailer [23:02]

5. The Running Man discussion [33:45]

6. Favorite Schwarzenegger one-liners [1:17:50]

7. Favorite dystopian future films [1:26:00]

8. Wrap-up/Bye-bye [1:33:44]

The trailer:

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