Episode #95: Comics in 1986 | “The Dark Knight Returns” (1986)

Following the death of Robin #2, Jason Todd, Batman retired from crimefighting and faded into legend. 10 years later with crime on the rise, Harvey Dent successfully (and supposedly) rehabilitated, and the Mutant gang ravaging the city, an aged Bruce Wayne reluctantly dons the cowl once again to save his city. Join John, Jeff, and Tony as we talk about the trailers for Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy, DC Comics TV properties, DC Rebirth, and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns! Don’t forget to check out the trailers below.

Some additional reading material if you want to know more about why 1986 was such a pivotal year for the comic book industry:

“1986, The Year That Changed Comic Books” — This is an amazing multi-part essay on the impact of the events of 1986 in comics on the future of the industry.

“1986: The Year Comic Books Became Literature” — Blog post discussing how comic books “grew up” in 1986 and demanded to be taken seriously as an art form and literature.

“The Year Comics Grew Up” by IGN:

Logan trailer:

Guardians of the Galaxy trailer:

DC TV shows on the CW:

DC Rebirth:

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