Episode #91: “And The World Seemed Limitless” | The Mosquito Coast (1986)

Harrison Ford has called the character of Allie Fox one of his favorite roles he’s ever played. This eccentric inventor takes his family away from Western Civilization in order to save them. As he tries to build a new home on the Mosquito Coast, his obsessions begin to endanger his family and everyone around him.

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Episode #89: “Woody Allen’s Sister Wives” | Hannah And Her Sisters (1986)

For most of my life, I haven’t liked Woody Allen. He gets on my nerves. Like a calmer, more neurotic Bobcat Goldthwait. Then I watched Hannah and Her Sisters, which I’ll admit I wasn’t excited about watching. Now I feel as though I need to give Woody Allen a second chance. If you enjoy a well-written story about relationships, give Hannah and Her Sisters a try.

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Episode #88: “Perhaps We Should Shoot Him” | Ruthless People (1986)

You’ve got Bette Midler and Danny DeVito with a little Judge Reinhold thrown in for good measure… sorry, His Honor, Judge Reinhold. Are they ruthless enough to live up to the title? I’ll tell you what’s ruthless… whoever did the interior decorating on the mansion in his movie…

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