Episode #51: “The Kids Are All Right” | Host’s Kids Interview

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December and the death of David Bowie just one day after we watched the movie Labyrinth, both of my kids wanted to talk more about their favorite movies. My son, John, comes on the show to talk Star Wars, while my daughter, Norah, puts in her two cents on the cult classicLabyrinth. Don’t forget to join us again next week when we talk about the action/thriller F/X.


Episode #50: “Our Most In-Famous Episode” | ¡Three Amigos! (1986)

We’ve reached our milestone 50th episode… and our gift to you is ¡Three Amigos! Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be podcasting! But does that mean we’re easing the suffering or causing it? Would you go so far as to say we have a plethora?

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Episode #49: “The Stars Look Very Different Today” | Labyrinth (1986)

This is our Labyrinth/David Bowie tribute episode. The man who was Ziggy Stardust, Jareth, Pontius Pilate… and so much more… passed away last week from cancer at age 69. Ironically, we had just watched Labyrinth the day before.

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Episode #48: “This One’s For You, Chappy!” | Iron Eagle (1986)

This one’s a couple of days late… we didn’t have Doug Masters’ makeshift walkman to help speed us up. This one’s no Top Gun, but… it’s not Top Gun. Lock and load, friends. We’re taking this one to up to Mach 1.5.

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