Episode #39: “We RAN All Night” | RAN (1985)

Akira Kurosawa’s Shakespeare/Samurai mashup is the topic of conversation this time around. Join us on our descent into madness as we discuss the sweeping epic of tragedy and family betrayal that is RAN.

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Episode #38: “Trains Go!” | Starlight Express discussion

It’s not a movie, but it is from the 80s and I just saw it again for the first time in nearly 20 years. Would you believe that Andrew Lloyd Webber created a musical about trains racing each other that features actors on roller skates? Believe it. Join me for my review of the musical Starlight Express!

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Episode #37: “Brother From Another Mother” | Enemy Mine (1985)

Enemy Mine answers the age-old question of “Why can’t we just get along?” Well… we can. But you’re going to have to help your amphibian hemaphroditic alien best friend give birth to their baby first. Are you confused? Then that means you haven’t experienced Enemy Mine. iO9.com called it “a complex tapestry of heartwarming WTF.” Come find out why.

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