Episode #21: “The 30something Movie Podcast Does Not Approve of Drugs” | Repo Man (1984)

Get out of my anti-consumerist dreams and get into someone else’s car (cue Billy Ocean). This time around we ride shotgun with Bud, Lite, Miller, and Otto as they go after the greatest repo of all time — a Malibu with a deadly trunk.

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Episode #18: “We Give It 3.5 Mombi Heads Out of 4” | Return to Oz (1985)

This time around we electro-shock ourselves into the wonderful world of Oz, which has taken a turn for the not-so-wonderful under the rule of Mombi and the Nome King. We re-examine this children’s classic that may be too creepy for children… then John goes and finds a way to make the movie even creepier.

Chuck the rainbow out the window, wind up your Grand Army of Oz, and let’s carefully cross the Deadly Desert together!

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